Based in Fair Oak, Carrot Tops Rabbit & Guinea Pig Boarding is at the rear of our house in the garden. Nice and quiet with just the sound of the birds, it has plenty of ventilation and natural light as well as power for lighting at night. During the colder months it will be heated.

RabbitsOur hutches and runs are designed and made by a local business in Upham. Each one is large enough for your rabbit or guinea pig to move about in freely yet cosy & snug enough to sleep in.

During the daytime (weather permitting), the rabbits and guinea pigs take turns in playing in the garden in the secure runs dotted about the garden.

Toys, water and food will be supplied during play time as well as shelter from the sun if it becomes too hot!

Prices Per Night

Minimum Two Night Stay

  • 1 Rabbit or 1 Guinea Pig: £7 per night
  • 2 Rabbits or Guinea Pigs (sharing): £10 per night
  • Budgie: £4 per night


Daily hay as well as veggies and water, toys and BBC Radio 1 or 2.

Not Included:

Please bring plenty of your pet’s own dry food to avoid upset tums!

Please contact Tracey for bookings and enquiries or complete our online Enquiry Form.

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