My name is Tracey, mum of two, who has lived in Fair Oak for the past 15 years. As animal lovers, we have a cat called Fanta, a budgie called Rosie and two goldfish called Silver and Goldie!

RabbitMy brother and I grew up in the Essex countryside with dogs, cats, rabbits and gerbils. Surrounded by fields, farms and plenty of open spaces to roam about in, we built dens and stayed out till late during the summer evenings… bliss! On the rare occasions that we went away as a family, a neighbour would look out for our beloved pets, probably once every other day (if at all!).

Generally people are busy, making it difficult for small pet owners to ask for help with looking after their rabbit or guinea pig when they go on holiday, are ill, or move house and need someone to look after little fluffy until they are settled in.

Whatever the reason, our Bunny & Guinea Pig Hotel offers people peace of mind without intruding on family and friends.

Please contact us for bookings and enquiries or complete our online Enquiry Form.

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